St. Peter's Seminary
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Assistant Professor in Spirituality and Pastoral Theology
Phone: 519-432-1824 ext. 230
Rev. Pio Beorchia
Phone: 519-432-1824 ext. 227
Dean of Studies & Registrar of
Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology 
Phone: 519-432-1824 ext. 272
Registrar of Arts
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Phone: 519-432-1824 ext. 256  
Chief Librarian
Phone: 519-432-1824 ext. 245  

Full Time Faculty

Lecturer in Sacramental Theology
Formation Advisor
Spiritual Director
Phone: 519-432-1824 ext. 231
Assistant Professor of Pastoral, Moral and Spiritual Theology
Seminary Spiritual Director
Phone: 519-432-1824 ext. 235
Professor of Moral and Sacramental Theology
Spiritual Director: Permanent Diaconate Program
Phone: 519-432-1824 ext. 223 
Mrs. Bernardine Ketelaars
  Director of Field Education
  Director of Lay Formation
  Lecturer in Missiology and Evangelization
  Phone: 519-432-1824 ext. 203

Part-Time Faculty

 Lecturer in Church Law
 Phone: 519-439-1553  ext. 33
  Dr. Susan Brown
  Lecturer in Theological Anthropology; Ecclesiology and Mariology
  Phone: 519-432-1824 ext. 206
Academic Consultant
Phone: 519-432-1824 ext. 243
Assistant Professor of Historical Theology
  Richard Corneil
  Lecturer in Moral Theology
  Phone: 519-432-1824 ext. 280
Specialist, CAPPE (Canadian Association for Practice and Pastoral Education)
Phone: 519-432-1824 ext. 246
  Dr. John Killoran
  Lecturer in Philosophy
  Phone: 519-432-1824 ext. 205
  Mr. Ciaran P. McKenna
Lecturer in Field Education
Phone: 519-646-6100, ext. 64395
Lecturer in Systematic Theology
Phone: 519-432-1824
 Rev. Pierre Robitaille
 Lecturer in Sacramental Theology
 Phone: 416-698-1105 ext. 214