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Find Books 

How Do I Find Books on My Topic? 

1.      Select Catalogue to search the Shared Library Catalogue (An integrated catalogue of the collections of Western Libraries, King’s, Brescia, and Huron University College Libraries and St. Peter’s Seminary Library).
2.      Search by 

To find works by a person
Enter personal name in lastname firstname order, e.g. Day, Dorothy
For organizations or groups, use normal word order, e.g. Catholic Church

When you know the exact title of the book, e.g. Long Loneliness
Omit initial articles (a, the, etc.) 

When you do not know the exact title or author, e.g. Mass Media and Propaganda
Use quotes to indicate phrases, e.g. “world wide web”
Use * to truncate, (e.g. child* finds child, children, childhood, etc.) 

When you know the assigned Library of Congress subject heading for your topic, e.g. Catholic converts - United States - Biography
To find information about a person, enter name in lastname firstname order, e.g. Austen, Jane 

Call Number
Enter the call number, including punctuation, e.g. BX4668 D3 A33 1997
3.      Click “GO”


I Found Some Books in the Library Catalogue …Now What?

1.     Note the following for each item 
LOCATION... Identifies the library or resource centre where the item is located (e.g. “SPS stacks” is at St. Peter's Seminary Library).
CALL NUMBER … Standard number that will help you locate a specific item in the library (BX4668 D3 A33 1997).
STATUS… Indicates whether or not the item is available to be borrowed (IN LIBRARY) 




SPS stacks
BX4668 D3 A33 1997
2.       If the book you want is available (IN LIBRARY) 
Go to the appropriate library and pick it up
Use the “Request Item” button to have it transferred to another library on campus
 3.     If the book that you want is signed out
Request that it be returned early by placing a recall. Click on the “Request Item” button at the top of the catalogue page for the book you require. The “Request Verification” form displays the title of the item. To confirm your request enter your Western login name and password, select a pickup location and click on “Submit”. On the following page be sure to click on “Request Selected Item” to complete your request.
 Check the status of the item in the Shared Library Catalogue on or after the due date to confirm the item’s availability. 

4.     If the book you want is IN TRANSIT, IN PROCESS or MISSING, ask for help at the Service Desk. 


I Can’t Find the Book that I Want in the Library …

1.      If you can find the book in the Shared Library Catalogue but cannot find it on the shelf
Check nearby tables and/or book carts for the item
Confirm the location, call number and status of the item in the library catalogue
Ask library staff for assistance
2.      If you cannot find the book in the library catalogue
Confirm that you have the correct information (e.g. author, title, date)
Ask library staff for assistance